Keeping Your Kids Focused During Online Learning

Online learning is the “new normal” these days thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. And parents are quickly learning that it’s difficult to keep their students engaged with virtual school lessons. (Fortnite on the sly, anyone? Snapchat under the kitchen table?) Luckily, an array of inexpensive apps can manage those distracting sites, helping kids stay focused…

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Guide to Online Mental Health Resources

There’s no denying the tremendous stress many Americans and their families are now facing. As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the nation, adults are tossed into new roles as work-from-home employees, homeschooling parents and isolated caregivers. Children may suffer in unique ways, removed from their normal routines of school and play and limited in their…

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At Home Learning Strategies

remote learning

This school year will certainly put a lot of stress on parents, who must unexpectedly navigate the virtual learning landscape on top of their jobs and other responsibilities. How do you keep students, who would prefer to think of the new school year as an extension of summer break, focused on learning? In addition to…

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