Find Broadband funding resources


Find Broadband funding resources

Sacred Wind Communications is leading the charge in helping rural and tribal New Mexicans seeking access to high quality affordable broadband in their communities. Our mission is to provide equality of opportunity to our customers.

We offer the information below here on our website so that it might assist you in your community’s search for broadband resources.

Over the last decade, Sacred Wind has brought millions of dollars to the state of New Mexico by leveraging federal funding in the form of grants and loans. We believe if a small, rural telephone company, serving in one of the hardest to reach and most expensive areas can be successful in this funding search, then so can your community.

Check out our broadband resources page below.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress

Consolidated Appropriations Act Funding

  • Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB): $3.2 billion
  • BB Infrastructure  (BIP): $228 million, NTIA
  • Tribal BB Connectivity: $980 billion, NTIA
  • Minority BB Initiatives: $285 billion, NTIA

USDA ReConnect: $635 million Round 3

  • Grant, Grant/Loan, Loan, Up to $50 million

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)