How to Share Memories Online (While Still Keeping Your Kids Safe)

Cartoon of internet social media platforms

From birthdays and milestones to silly selfies on an ordinary Tuesday, parents have tons of opportunities to share aww-worthy moments online. But does sharing photos with family and friends on the internet put your family’s security at risk? It doesn’t have to! Check out these tips for sharing those special moments with your loved ones…

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7 Creative Ways to Connect Long-Distance Family During the Holidays

Cartoon holiday virtual conference

Special time with loved ones is often what makes the holidays so memorable. But what do you do when those loved ones are too far away to pop over for a big meal and a heartwarming gift exchange? Well, with a strong internet connection from Sacred Wind Communications, there are lots of ways to stay…

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Christmas Goes Virtual

Santa sitting at his desk waiving to computer camera

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Despite the stressful year we’ve all collectively experienced, we’re getting into the holiday spirit—or trying to, at least! But no matter what we do in our households to prepare for Yuletide, there’s something that just doesn’t feel quite right about a Christmas without Santa. If your little…

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5 Kid-friendly Streaming Platforms You’ll Want for Holiday Break

kids watching snowman on tv

Will the long, cold, and sometimes boring days over holiday break have your kids reaching for their screens? A bit of screen time here and there doesn’t have to be a bad thing. And with family-friendly streaming platforms, you can rest assured that your kids are watching videos safe for little eyes—even without your constant…

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Smart Education Resources for At-Home Learning

A growing number of parents are choosing homeschooling, or home-based education, in place of K-12 public or private school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than 1.6 million children were homeschooled in 2016. And with an endless array of free internet resources, including online courses, lesson plans, and interactive educational activities, homeschooling…

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Apps to Trust When Your Kids Are Sick

Why is it that children always get sick in the middle of the night…over a holiday weekend…when your only option is a slow, crowded emergency room? We can’t solve the problem of terrible timing, but we can show you some apps that make caring for a sick child just a little bit easier. Check out…

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These Free Apps Will Get Your Kids Moving

Don’t worry. We’re not here to lecture you on how much screen time your kids do or don’t need. Instead, we’re sharing five free apps (available for both iOS & Android) that make fitness fun and turn your screen time into play time. 1. Sworkit Kids With customizable workouts for strength, agility, and flexibility, this…

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Understanding Speed Test Results

Testing the speed of your internet connection is easy, but it’s also easy to misunderstand the results. Your devices — TVs, routers, smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc. — have different capabilities, and you can get different results on each one, even while using the same internet connection. This is particularly noticeable to users taking advantage of…

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Keeping Your Kids Focused During Online Learning

Online learning is the “new normal” these days thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. And parents are quickly learning that it’s difficult to keep their students engaged with virtual school lessons. (Fortnite on the sly, anyone? Snapchat under the kitchen table?) Luckily, an array of inexpensive apps can manage those distracting sites, helping kids stay focused…

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What to Do for Families With Internet Access Too Slow for Remote Learning

Education Week

From Education Week: During the COVID-19 school building closures, big equity problems around internet access emerged.  But one layer of this equity issue went largely unexplored: Some households have access to the Internet, but only at slow speeds that make school tasks like videoconferencing or completing homework assignments next to impossible. That’s especially true for…

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