Do you qualify for free basic phone service or discounted internet?

If you live on tribal land(s) you may qualify for FREE basic telephone service or discounted internet service, through the Federal Tribal Lifeline Program. The following programs are available to help make telephone and internet service more affordable to low-income households in New Mexico.

Lifeline (For eligible customers NOT on tribal land.)
The Federal Lifeline Program lowers the cost of basic monthly telephone service. Eligible customers may receive the discount on either their wireline service, but the discount is available for only one telephone connection per household. To view the State Lifeline flyer, click here.

Tribal Lifeline and Link-Up (For eligible customers on tribal land.)
The Federal Tribal Lifeline Program offers FREE basic monthly telephone service or discounted internet service for eligible customers who live on tribal land(s). This federal subsidy is available on one telephone per household or one Internet subscriber per household. Call or stop by and talk to one of our Navajo speaking customer service representatives. We are ready to assist you. To view the Tribal Lifeline flyer, click here.

How Do I Apply?
If you currently have service, you may download the Lifeline Application form below, complete and mail, fax or email to:

Sacred Wind Communications, Inc.
PO Box 4011
Yatahey, NM 87375
Fax: (505) 905-6001

If you do not have telephone or internet service with Sacred Wind, please contact our Business Office at (877) 722-3393. If you have any other questions please call our Customer Service Office at (877) 722-3393 or (505) 905-6000.


Lifeline Application, click here.

Certificate of Exemption form, click here.

Lifeline Recertification form, click here.

Lifeline Worksheet, click here, if there are 2 Lifeline eligible adults in a household, you may qualify.

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Sacred Wind Communications
875 US Highway 491 North
Yatahey, NM 87375
Phone: 877-722-3393

Sacred Wind provides a voice, along with dignity and equality of opportunity to our customers through high speed internet, broadband and standard telephone services.