Sacred Wind Communications is a privately owned, New Mexico-based company, dedicated to improve telecommunications services to rural areas within New Mexico.

Core Values Technical Word


Respect for all others, fellow employees and customers alike


Honesty in everything we do and say



Focus on the task at hand and on satisfying our customers


Feel passion for what you’re doing and how you do it… and then everyone will see it.


Our Mission:

Sacred Wind will provide customers on and off the Navajo reservation with the highest quality telecommunications services, taking advantage of the most appropriate technologies, and we will be diligent in pursuing the most affordable alternatives for our customers.

Our Vision:

Sacred Wind Communications intends to breathe new life in the communications systems that our customers will depend on for safety, education and economic growth.

Blessing Way Ceremony

We recently announced that we were a winning bidder in the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) CAF II auction to provide broadband and voice services to new areas of Navajo land where we have never operated before. We expect to offer services to 1,000 new Navajo homes.

We celebrated this major development with a Blessing Way Ceremony, led by medicine man Anderson Hoskie. Thank you to all of our partners, elected officials, and employees for making our ceremony special and beautiful. We are excited to continue our work of connecting communities for life.

How We Protect Customers: Our Network Operations Center

Dine’ Ba’ Na’anish “Working for the people”

Sacred Wind Making Academic Opportunities Possible

Sacred Wind Making Academic Opportunities Possible

Sacred Wind is more than a telecommunications company. We are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve, and value the relationships we have created with those on the Navajo reservation and those off tribal lands. Each year Sacred Wind offers scholarships of $1,000 each to students in our territory who are academic achievers and who are financially in need. We are pleased to do this.

One of the ways we know that we can help is by encouraging young people in rural communities to continue their education past the high school years. Presently, education at a university or a technical college can be very expensive and places a great strain on both the student and the student’s family, especially in today’s economy and in rural communities. We estimate that over 40% of the customers in our territory fall beneath the federal poverty guidelines; paying for a college education for their children may not be possible. And yet, education is one of the main ways that people can gain access to upward mobility.

If you’d like to support Sacred Wind Scholarships, please contact us at (505) 821-5080 to make donations so we can help make children fulfill their dreams of higher education.

Sacred Wind Donates $25,000 to Native American Scholarships (2010)

John Badal, CEO, and Sam Deloria of AIGC

John Badal, CEO of SWC at AIGC Scholarship Presentation

John Badal, CEO with Board Members at NTC

John Badal, CEO, and NTC President, Elmer Guy

In October, 2009 Sacred Wind was voted as “The Most Inspiring Small Business in America” through the American Express/NBC Shine A Light contest because of its commitment to making a difference in the communities in its territory. As part of the contest winnings, Sacred Wind received $50,000 in cash, half of which Sacred Wind immediately awarded to Native scholarship programs.

On March 2, 2010 John Badal, CEO of Sacred Wind Communications, presented the American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC) with a $10,000 scholarship check. Then, on March 11, 2010 he presented the Navajo Technical College (NTC) with a $15,000 check for scholarships for Navajo youth attending NTC.

John Badal stated, “There is no better way to ensure a strong future for our company and our state than to support education. We are proud to assist AIGC and the Navajo Technical College in advancing, through higher education, a world of opportunities for our tribal youth.”

Sacred Wind Communications Wins ‘Shine a Light’ Contest

Sacred Wind Communications Wins ‘Shine a Light’ Contest

In 2009, American Express in partnership with NBC Universal created their ‘Shine a Light’ program in which a national search was done for the “Most Inspiring Small Business in America.” Local businesses were to be nominated for their community involvement, and then, voted on by the nation’s populace. More than 4,000 companies were nominated and a panel of three judges – fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, TV personality, Ellen Degeneres and MSNBC’s host of “Your Business” JJ Ramberg voted on the three finalists, of which Sacred Wind Communications was one. AMEX/ NBC Universal announced Sacred Wind as the winner of their contest on October 19, 2009.

“Our winning the award is an affirmation of our industry’s value in rural areas,”said John Badal, co-founder and CEO of Sacred Wind Communications, Inc. “Whether a rural telecom carrier or a supplier to such carriers, we bridge the IT divide on a daily basis with little to no fanfare. Sacred Wind’s team of dedicated employees is the main factor in the recognition we’ve received. Their “can do” attitude and their compassion for the many unserved customers in this remote area have transformed a business responsibility into a mission.”

As the winner in the American Express/ NBC Universal ‘Shine a Light’ contest, Sacred Wind received a cash award of $50,000 and an additional $50,000 in marketing support from American Express. Sacred Wind donated half of the cash award to its non-profit’s scholarship fund, creating a scholarship for the Navajo Technical College and supporting the American Indian Graduate Center’s scholarship program.

Sacred Wind Communication’s story and winning of award