Service Territory

Red Rocks

Service Territory

In 2006 when Sacred Wind started, only 26% of the households in our territory had access to emergency 911 telephone service and no high-speed internet. Today in 2021, all of Sacred Wind’s customers have access to emergency 911 and telephone service while at least 85% have access to some of the highest internet speeds found on tribal lands in the United States. 

Service Area Map

22 Navajo Chapters in Our Service Area

Our service territory occupies only a portion of some of these chapters.

Navajo Name Meaning English Name
To'HajiileeLifting Water Up by Rope & ContainerCañoncito
KinligaiiWhite HouseBaca-Prewitt
Ayánnl bitóBuffalo's WaterIyanbito
Dl'ó'áyázhíLittle Prarie DogThoreau
Kinlitsoh sinilíGroup of Yellow HousesChurch Rock
Dzil ná'oodiliiWhirling MountainHuerfano
Líígaii bitóWhite Horse's WaterWhite Horse Lake
Tó bééhwíísganíHarden Mud Around WaterPinedale
Tsé yaatóWater Beneath RockTsayatoh
Tó' álch'idíSmall Amount of WaterLittle Water
Má'ii tééhitlizhiCoyote Fell in the Watering HoleCoyote Canyon
BááháálíBread Flowing OutBread Springs
Tsé lichíí'Red RockRed Rock
Tsé ch'ízhíRough Rock in TextureRock Springs
Kin' hózhóníBeautiful HouseManuelito
Ninaah NizadLong Incline of HillNenahnezad
Doo' al k'aiiNot Fat ValleyUpper Fruitland
Tséta' tó'alk'olíWater Waves Among the RocksCasamero Lake
Be' ak'id hóteelíWide LakeMariano Lake
NahodeeshgiizhCross Sections of CanyonsNahodishgish

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We are now serving parts of Gallup, please click here for more information!

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The following Navajo chapters were added to Sacred Wind's list of service areas by the Federal Communication Commission's Connect America Fund Phase II Auction 903

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Smith Lake
Mariano Lake

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Call customer service at 877-722-3393 to find out when service is available.

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