Free Alternatives to Streaming Movies

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Have you spent the past year working through every title on Netflix? If you’re bored with your current streaming service, it might be time to switch things up. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of free alternative streaming services for all your entertainment needs.

The best part of these services is that you don’t need to pay to access them. That’s right, they’re 100% free, and most don’t even require you to sign in with an account. Some platforms stream ad-supported content to make this work, but we think watching an ad now and then more than makes up for the service they provide!



You know IMDb as the famous movie database and the go-to for pop culture facts and trivia. But did you know that IMDb also has a free streaming service? IMDb TV is owned by Amazon and is essentially a free alternative to Amazon’s paid platform, Prime Video. And you’re not just limited to streaming movies, either. There are also tons of TV titles covering a range of lengths, subjects, and genres.

You can access IMDb TV from your laptop or desktop computer or via the IMDb TV app on Fire TV and Roku devices. It’s not necessary to create an account and login to watch, but doing so does provide extra controls, like automatically saving your spot in video playback.

Best picks: Movies – Kung Fu Panda and Captain Phillips; TV – Schitt’s Creek, Lost, and Mad Men



What’s the hoopla all about? We’ll tell you! With Hoopla, it’s incredibly easy to access a wide array of digital titles courtesy of your local library. Simply sign in with your library card to tap into a fantastic collection of media, including countless movies and TV shows.

Once you rent a title, you have a limited time to watch it, but the nice thing is that there are absolutely no ads! Because Hoopla is run cooperatively through your library, the multimedia service is totally free, and there are no strings attached—besides the digital due date. Best of all, Hoopla is highly versatile and compatible with most hosts, both for computers and TVs.

Best picks: Ex Machina, Thelma & Louise, and What We Do in the Shadows



Tubi or not Tubi—that is the question. Well, we think the answer is clear because Tubi offers free ad-supported streaming, sans subscription. It’s super compatible, and you can even find it in countless app stores like Amazon, Roku, Apple, and Google.

It’s so simple to stream titles from over 30 genres on demand. Tubi also doesn’t require a login, although you can create an account if you want! Like IMDb TV, this gives you a touch more control and flexibility over your watch options.

Best picks: The Shawshank Redemption, Mask, and Miss Congeniality

Why spend money on streaming services when there’s so much free content at your fingertips? All you need is a solid high-speed internet connection from Connect66 Internet and a good pick, and you’re ready to settle in for some grade-A entertainment.  Call us at 833-463-0066 to get connected today!