Free Educational Wi-Fi Hotspots


Free Educational Wi-Fi Hotspots

Free Educational Wi-Fi Hotspots

Available hours: 5:00 AM – 7:00 PM
No password required
No technical support available

Map of Sacred Wind Communications' Sixteen (16) Wi-Fi Hotspots

Click on any of the hotspot locations below to see a local map:

                1. Baca-Prewitt Chapter House
                2. Huerfano Chapter House
                3. Huerfano NAPI NHA
                4. Iyanbito Senior Center
                5. Mariano Lake Chapter House
                6. Nageezi Community Center
                7. Nenahnezad Preschool
                8. Red Rock Chapter House
                9. San Juan Chapter House
                10. Smith Lake Chapter House
                11. Thoreau Chapter House
                12. To'Hajiilee Preschool
                13. To'Hajiilee Senior Center
                14. Tsayatoh Chapter House
                15. Upper Fruitland - Ojo Amarillo NHA
                16. Gallup Indian Medical Center (GIMC) - restricted access for patients & their families

In response to the Covid-19 public health crisis, Sacred Wind Communications initiated a Wi-Fi hotspot program to provide free broadband accessibility for rural tribal communities in the Navajo Nation. Thanks to the generous support of the Microsoft Airband program, Sacred Wind was able to initially purchase equipment to establish six (6) Wi-Fi hotspots. Since that time, the Navajo Nation, through its CARES Act funding program, has funded Sacred Wind’s installation of ten (10) more Wi-Fi hotspots at various Chapter locations, as well as at the Gallup Indian Medical Center (GIMC), a 99-bed hospital. The GIMC hotspot is restricted and not open to the public, as it was created solely for the purpose of enabling terminally ill patients to communicate with their families.

This is a screenshot of what you can expect to see when signing on to use our free Wi-Fi service.
This is a screenshot of what you can expect to see when signing on to use our free Wi-Fi service.

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  • Do not gather in groups
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