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Navajo People in Sacred Wind’s Territory Need Your Support

Now more than ever, the Navajo Nation needs reliable telecommunication services and internet connectivity to survive and thrive.

The State Rural Universal Service Fund, created in 2005, enables rural telcos to provide high-quality telecommunication services at affordable rates —but, for Sacred Wind, there’s a problem.

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Of the 15 recipients of The Fund, only Sacred Wind has to prove fi nancial need every five years.

Between 2010-2015, Sacred Wind spent $1.06 million on unrecoverable regulatory costs.

SB 204 Will Accomplish the Following

Ensure Fairness

The bill amends the Rural Telecommunications Act to treat Sacred Wind, the only recipient founded after the Act, the same as the other 14 RLEC recipients.

Cut Waste

The bill eliminates unnecessary regulatory costs incurred by the PRC and Sacred Wind and would not change the Fund for others.

Improve Connectivity

The regulatory costs saved can be used to build more infrastructure and to better serve Navajo people and communities with high-speed internet.

This proposal received unanimous bipartisan support in 2019. It ensures money meant for connecting Navajo people is used for that purpose—not wasted on disparate regulatory processes.

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Ensure Fair Treatment and Equal Access to New Mexico’s Navajo Communities