Smart Education Resources for At-Home Learning


A growing number of parents are choosing homeschooling, or home-based education, in place of K-12 public or private school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than 1.6 million children were homeschooled in 2016. And with an endless array of free internet resources, including online courses, lesson plans, and interactive educational activities, homeschooling is becoming easier than ever.

With these free online resources, you can homeschool like a pro—or better help your public or private school children with their homework—without breaking the bank. Add high-speed internet from Connect66 Internet and a handful of smart devices, and you’ll be a techie teacher in no time.

Programs for Getting Started is a comprehensive guide to homeschooling and offers online community support. You can access an array of resources and services, including free printable educational activities and worksheets.

An easy A-to-Z guide to homeschooling, The Homeschool Mom includes links to some of the best online resources. You have access to local programs, lesson plans, and other popular topics. This program also offers parent reviews of various homeschool curriculums.

Free Online Courses & Lesson Plans

You can find thousands of online courses and lesson plans across many different subjects at Kahn Academy: Math, English, Science, Computer Programming, Art, History, Economics, and Finance, to name a few. Kahn has partnered with NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, the California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to provide specialized content.

TedED is an extensive online video library that features cool animation paired with great educational content. Popular video topics include: “Does Time Exist?”, “History Through the Eyes of a Chicken”, “Can You Solve the Leonardo Da Vinci Riddle?” and “A Day in the Life of an Egyptian Doctor.”

Want to balance education and religious life? Try All-in-One Homeschool. This Christian homeschool curriculum includes Reading, Math, Language Arts, Science, Bible, Computer, Foreign Languages, History, Art, Music, and PE. You can customize your child’s daily lessons based on their skill level and track their progress for each course.

Based on the Charlotte Mason method, Ambleside Online offers detailed schedules and resources customized to each child. You’ll also find an extensive digitized library and an online support forum.

CK-12 is a supplemental curriculum with high-quality digital textbooks that use videos and other interactive content to visualize abstract concepts. You can choose from English, History, and top-notch STEM content.

Free Online Resources by Subject

Math: Math Games, Corbett Math, Dragon Box, Dreambox, Math is Fun

Science: Exploratorium, NASA for Students, Steve Spangler Science, How to Smile

Reading and Language Arts: Project Gutenberg, Starfall, Read Write Think, Read Works

Whether you’re new to homeschooling, still thinking about it, or want to supplement your child’s classroom education, these digital resources paired with Connect66 Internet’ fast and reliable internet can turn your home into an interactive classroom!  Call us now at 833-463-0066 to get connected and start today!